Spontaneous; and all about me.

I decided to do a very spontaneous post that is all about me. I found this linky challenge over at Mama and More and decided that it might be just the challenge that I need.

Anyone that knows me would tell you that I do not like being in the spotlight (that’s why I have cute kids). I’m just not very comfortable in center stage. I blame it on bad socialization skills due to early adulthood trauma. But I don’t really share that with anyone – other than my husband.

If you have ever felt that nobody know you, the real you – then you know exactly what I feel like (once again my hubby is the exception – it’ll be very difficult to be together 10 years, have two kids together and not know each other).

This is why I am seeing this post as a challenge. I am challenging myself to open up and share more about me.

So here is the expose of Leri (that’s me):

  • I am a nerd. I love computer and XBOX games; always have. I remember in Junior High (or as we call it in South Africa: Primary School) I would get other classmates to bring their computer games from home and then I would install them and play them at school in front of an audience. Obviously I uninstalled them in the afternoon… To this day my husband and I enjoy a few co-op games on the XBOX.
  • I’m also a geek. I love books and reading and my favorite genres are romance and serial thrillers.
  • I have a wide range of genres that I like in series and movies; romance, comedy, horror (although never alone), animated, japanese anime, etc.
  • I have an odd interest in the paranormal and also in serial killers. These topics fascinate me, and I enjoy watching documentaries on both subjects.
  • As a teenager I never had any body issues – I was completely happy with my body. If you asked me then if I would change anything, I would’ve said no. But now as an adult (with two kids) a few body issues have crept up. During my first pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks (a LOT) so many that I can never again wear a bikini, because of the scarring on my stomach. I’ve also gained quite a bit of weight; which I’m struggling to get rid of. This is something that I am working on as I believe a positive body image is possible no matter your size; and I want my daughter to feel good about her body always.
  • Ha ha, if you look at me you would never guess that my favorite music genre is metal. I inherited my fathers love of rock and a great guitar riff. As I child when he drove me to school we would listen to Pink Floyd and Bad Company. That love of music (specifically within this genre) has stuck with me, and is also what brought my husband and I together in High School.
  • I always thought that I would be a very strict parent; dare I say bossy. As it turns out though I am very relaxed and easy going. I feel my kids should have the chance to learn through experience (at least now while they are still young), all the time knowing that I am right there when they need me.

So there you have it… a post…all about me.

Do any of you have bits about yourself that you don’t really share. Even if it’s just a small thing. Take a chance and share with us in the comments below.

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