Safety tips and Organizational hacks for your DIY/craft space

Safety tips and Organizational hacks for new DIY/ craft spaces

Following my article; where we started to get our  DIY spaces ready (if you missed it, you can read the full article here). We now have the basics to start with. We have our work space all stocked and ready to go. So now, I will be sharing a few tips and tricks to make the organizing of the space efficient and also (most importantly) safe too use.

Whether you are dedicating an entire room to your DIY/ craft space, or merely a small area such as a desk; the space has to be set up in such a way that it is safe for you to use (obviously). It also needs to be safe for any other members of your household – pets and especially children.

If you have kids, chances are that they will be drawn to your craft and DIY space like moths to a flame. And why not let them join you in some creative pursuits. After all; studies show that kids who are creative and have been given the chance to develop these creative skills are better at problem solving later in life.

It makes complete sense to have a dedicated space for crafting and DIY; for the kids as well. That would mean there is a space where they don’t have to worry about scribbling and playing with paint and being a creative artist – but safety is important (feel like I’m stating the obvious here…).

There are a few simple things you can do to make sure the space is safe. So that once you start a project you and your kids (when they join) don’t have to worry and can focus purely on being creative.

Tips on staying safe in your new craft space:

1. Read the directions and instructions of projects before starting them.

Make sure you know what you will be doing, and how the project works – also make sure to put the instructions up close to your work space so that you can revert back as necessary. This also counts for reading the labels on all materials you will be using – make sure you know how to use the different materials safely.

2. Make sure you have enough space to work:

If you are cooped up and squished into a tiny space that can make accidents happen so much easier. This is not to say that tiny spaces cannot be functional; it’s all about organizing the area so that you have space to move around in.

3. Take out all of the required equipment and materials for the current project before starting.

This means you will be running around less, and have more chance to focus and concentrate on the project at hand. If you are doing crafts or DIY projects with your kids. It is a good idea to place your materials in the order you will be using them – a great way to teach kids sequencing which is beneficial for doing math’s later in school.

4. Don’t leave kids unattended.

This might sound like an obvious thing to do, but it is actually quite difficult – remember a crafting station is equipped with lots of potentially harmful items; scissors, paints, glues, pins; all items that can cause injury. And you know if you leave the room even for a second, those crafty little ones will reach the most dangerous stuff as simply as if they were right in front of them (even if they are hidden and stored out of reach).

5. Don’t use paints on your skin.

Unless its face paint is doesn’t belong anywhere near your skin. I know those romantic movies make it look like so much fun to play around and paint each other. However using paint on your skin can be quite harmful and it is best avoided.

6. Keep you work area clean and dry.

This is another obvious one that is actually more difficult than you think. It is so easy to get swept up in the creation process that you forget to clean as you go. Spills get left until you’re finished because they’re not bothering anyone. Spills can cause slips and falls and if you ‘leave it for later’ there is a very good chance that you’ll forget about it completely and that is when accidents happen.

So these are a few basic safety tips for your crafting/ DIY area.

Next I will give you a few organizational hacks to keep your crafting/ DIY space organized. This will also makes it safe (two birds, one stone).

  • Keep small items like buttons, marbles, etc in small jars with screw on lids (avoiding a choking hazard, and keeping them all together. You can even get creative and paint the jars to make them more decorative!
  • If you have the space, give your kids their own crafting space within yours where they can join you in being creative. They don’t need much more than a small table and chair (s) and you can even let them have their own craft items (crayons, pencils, markers) etc. stored where they can reach it easily (and put it back easily as well – important!). Store other items like glue and scissors with yours.
  • Up-cycle old coffee cans with some beautiful wrapping paper and use them for storage – these will work great for the kids. They are easy to open, stack and store. This is a great DIY projects you can start.
  • Use a magnetic catch-all strip (in a spot that is out of reach of the kids) to store easy to lose items like scissors, pins, etc. This also makes these items easy to reach when you need them. And they can look great in your space, being a real feature instead of just storage.
  • If you are using drawers as your main storage solutions. A great idea is to use cereal boxes as drawer dividers. Cut the cereal box into the right height of your drawer. Then wrap them with some beautiful wrapping paper and simply place in your drawer. This works best if you use a few of them in each drawer. That way they can keep each other in place and not move around.
  • Use an old wine rack and plastic cups to make a pen/pencil storage solution. Looks great and is so simple!! Added bonus is that everything is within reach.

There are plenty more ingenious ways to store all of your craft items but these should do for now. Do you have a ingenious organizational hack or safety tip to share. Share them now by commenting below.

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