How to organize your home using the Kon-Marie Method

Preparing to clear my home, using Marie Kondo’s method.

I wanted to test out Marie Kondo’s method of de-cluttering and organizing your house over the weekend that just passed. But, life got in the way – Zoey had a birthday party to attend, and we spent the rest of the afternoon with my Mother-in-Law; so that was Saturday done. And on Sunday we spent the whole day with my Dad and the rest of the family; so no time here either…

So I am going to go through all the important steps you need to know (and implement) in order to Kon-Marie your home in preparation for my extended Marie Kondo De-cluttering experience this weekend.

Marie Kondo promises that through properly using this method you will end up with a happier life and maximum tidiness in your home; and also much less cleaning to keep it looking tidy – I don’t know about the rest of you, but my first thought at hearing that was “Sign me up!”

Warning: Take note though that according to Kondo, this intense process of tidying and de-cluttering can cause a detox phenomenon that can lead to clearer skin (that’s great), weight loss (tell me more) and even healthy bowels (how do I get started?).

So how do you properly Konmari your home:

  • Firstly, don’t decide what to get rid of; decide what to keep. This is a very important mind switch, and if you think about it makes a lot of sense. Deciding what to get rid of has negative connotations and as such start you off on an already negative footing; whereas focussing on what to keep is much more positive and the right way to start the process.
  • Pick up every single item (don’t just look at it, you must touch it and get that physical connection). While you have the item in your hand ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” Does holding the item make you feel happy and bubbly and full of joy? If the feeling isn’t instant, or if there is just a moment of hesitation then rather get rid of the item by donating it – it might spark joy for someone else…
  • Find a designated home for everything, not just stuck in a drawer or storage bin; but somewhere on display so that you can get joy from it every day. This also helps a lot in the decluttering process, because if space is limited you will be holding on to less items.
  • Stick to the order of purging! Instead of working through room-by-room, Marie Kondo suggests that you work through item types first. Her order goes: clothing, books, documents, miscellany and memento’s.
  • Place all of the items (for that group, ie. clothing) in a big pile on the floor. Now, work from there. Gathering all these items in one place forces you to therapeutically face your own materialism. Yikes, fearing this a little bit as I do tend to hold on to a bunch of useless ‘stuff’.

Marie Kondo also has a specific folding style for clothing to help declutter your closet, make the clothes stand out and easily accessible. I found some great instructions (with great videos!) for all the folding styles (shirts, jeans, socks, etc) here on Goop. Watching these videos with the clear instructions really helped me a lot.

You can also buy her bestselling book ‘The life changing magic of Tidying up’ for all of the details on the method that is taking the world by storm. Have a look here, to see where you can buy the book; or any of her other super useful books.

Next up, the challenge of actually completing the Konmari method in my home. Challenge extended?

Have you tried the konmari method and want to share your experiences? Or are you still preparing to take on the challenge? Leave a comment below and lets face the clutter together…

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