Babies First Birthday? List of Must-take photos.

Alright, so I’ve planned out my baby boy’s first birthday party. The theme has been chosen, the invitation has been made (I used Canva – as I’m a bit Canva crazy at the moment) and sent out. I have everything ready to start baking his cake, and the extra cookies I have planned…

So how am I going to preserve the memories of this important milestone – and use for embarrassing stories at his 21st birthday. The simple answer is by taking photo’s.

I don’t want to spend the whole party taking photo’s though. I also want to be able to spend time with him and the rest of our family and friends. After all, what is the point of a party if you can’t enjoy yourself?

So I have made a list of must-have photos to take – and cherish forever. This will allow me to have the best of both world – a relaxing and fun party, and memories that I can look back on years in the future.

I definitely don’t want these photo’s to look staged, but as natural and in the moment as possible.This will mean that I would need to be very quick and trigger happy in my shots – challenge accepted!

So here are my choices of must-have shots to take at your baby’s first birthday party!

  1. Party setup shots: just a few simple shots of the decor, cake other snacks and balloons. This will look great in an album, or even a collage at it will give you the theme and feeling of the party. Besides, after all your hard work decorating; you deserve a few shots to remember it.
  2. Baby with balloons: You cannot pass up this shot of your baby with balloons – holding them, playing with them, sitting with them. As long as there are balloons in the shot, it will always be remembered as a birthday photo! Besides, the colorful balloons will make a nice addition to a photo. There are some absolutely stunning shots on Pinterest with bare bum babies walking away with a bouquet of colorful balloons – is there anything cuter?
  3. Baby in a fun Birthday hat: Enough said. Using a fun birthday hat – a crown, bowler hat, or traditional pointed hat. The more colorful the better – the bigger the cuter!
  4. Candid shots: Snap a few beautiful family candid shots. Don’t take too much time doing this, just grab a few natural photos of the family and friends, and of course baby.
  5. Baby holding chalkboard sign: I saw this shot on Pinterest and just couldn’t resist adding it to my must-have list. The photo’s show the birthday babies holding up oversized chalkboards with phrases like ‘Birthday Boy’ written. SO CUTE!
  6. Blowing out the candles shot: Line up your camera for multiple shots to make sure you get the best shot of your baby blowing out the candles. He might need some help, so enlist a family member to be photographer as you join in on the shot.
  7. Cake eating shot: Cuteness overload as you get a photo of baby’s first bite of cake! My eldest; Zoey; face-planted into her cake – these type of shots would make totally adorable memories. One of my favorites is photos of baby boys in only a tie (and diaper) eating a fistful of cake! So cute!
  8. Opening of presents shot: You will need to have some patience for this shot – as your baby might decide that playing with the present is more fun than actually opening it. Gently assist him, and have the camera ready for a few fun and playful gift-wrapping shots.

What do you think will make a super cute photo on your baby’s first birthday? Share your ideas with the rest of us in a comment below.



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  1. oh how adorable and what a great time in your life, it really is such a special moment isn’t it! My fav first birthday photo of Aspen was just prior to the party, there were balloons everywhere and my mum was brushing her granddaughters hair #mg

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