moving house again

Moving House – Again!

Not again

So, there has been another big change in my life recently. We have just moved house again! This is the seventh time in 7 years. And I’m hoping the last time for a while.

Last year we moved into a very tiny apartment. It was extremely cramped for our family of 4, but was a great lesson in scaling back. A lesson that I’m ever grateful for, because we do tend to hoard a bunch of useless ‘stuff’.


Why, oh why? The reason behind our choice to move.

The reason we decided to move again was not just a space issue. The biggest reason we decided to move was to cut down on our commute, and also our gas bill. We were spending a ridiculous amount of time driving between our home and our jobs and the kids schools. Each trip took at least 45 min – if the traffic was slow.

This amount of time spent on the road just did not make sense to us anymore, and was the biggest reason we decided to move when our lease ended. Of course there were other reasons as well such as the size of the apartment, the poor construction of the apartment, and the location were all contributing factors that led us down the pack up and move road once more.

Great tips for you

You would think that by this point I would be an expert in the whole moving game; but there are always lessons to be learned and I will share some of those lessons with you all:

  • When looking for a new place, make sure to look at what you need more than what you want. These two might sound like they are the same thing, but in reality can be quite different. It is always good to have a list of what you must have, as well as what you would like to have when looking for a new place to help eliminate the options that won’t work for you or your family.
  • Set up and stick to a budget! Make sure that you have a budget set up so that you know what rent you can afford. Don’t go into this blindly and hope that the budget will sort itself out afterward, because that very rarely happens.
  • Once you have a realistic budget set up. Make sure that you stick within that budget. I would even go so far as to say don’t even look at places above your budget – what is the point in falling in love with a place that you won’t be able to afford. That will not be good for you, or for the rest of your home hunt.
  • Don’t rush the process. It can be easy to just apply for the first best place your see without really considering any other option. Or without even thinking about whether or not this place will work for you and really meet all your needs. This can happen very easily; especially in a competitive rental market.
  • Have faith that the right place will come along. By this I don’t mean just sit back and wait. You still have to be pro-active and look at different options; go to viewings, get a feel for the market. Just don’t make hasty decisions that you haven’t considered all the factors off.
  • Finally, trust your instincts. If you have any doubts whatsoever, then rather hold off. Your instinct are often not mis-leading and you need to take them into account. If you have doubts early on, maybe just after the first viewing; can you imagine how you’ll feel if you are stuck with those feelings, in a rental contract and having to pay rent? So listen to your instincts!

Those are a few of my tips when looking for a new place. I have learned these lessons the hard way; as is evident by the amount of times I’ve moved. But I feel positive that our new place will be around for a while as I’m feeling better in it then I have felt in any of the previous places!

Have you learned any lessons when moving and looking for a new place? Share them in the comments!

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