Small Bedroom? Make the most of it.

As mentioned; we recently moved into a much smaller apartment and as such had to downsize on our furniture throughout the house, and especially in our bedroom.  Our new bedroom is very small. Dean and Zoey are bunking up together and are enjoying it. Now to create a space for mommy and daddy to enjoy as well. All parents need a bit of space that is just theirs and not dominated by toys, dolls and building blocks (ouch!)

The size in our new bedroom was so limited that we could only fit a Queen size bed and side tables. It was such a challenge trying to figure out how to make the most of the space available and still keep it feeling relaxing, revitalizing and most importantly romantic.

The first thing we did was change our bed linen. It sounds like such a simple step, and yet it had an amazing effect on the appearance of the room. Before we had dark bedding with lots of patterns. In the new place we changed these for all white linen (throwing in a bit extra for a nice and luxurious inner – making the bed look soft and inviting). We draped over a fluffy throw in a different color just to create some interest.

The next thing we did was make sure to de-clutter our side tables – keeping them clear of anything unnecessary which would make the already small space look cramped. My husband’s side table is completely clear, and mine only has a frame with a few family photos. Oddly enough no photos of me… guess who’s the photographer?

The next phase in this plan will be glamming the room up.

I want a bit more romance and drama to basically make the room my own (even though it is a rental). To accomplish this I am thinking of a few different options, the one I am most excited by is adding a canopy above my bed. I realize that having a full canopy with posts in this tiny room would do the opposite of creating the illusion of space, so I’m thinking of only doing half a canopy; so only at the top of the bed; creating a sort-of enveloping cocoon. I am also thinking of dropping some light and airy curtains directly from the roof with no post to harden the look. And to lace these sheer curtains with white fairy lights; to make up for no bedside lamps – did you notice?

What do you guys think? Should I just take the plunge and add the canopy?

And then here are a few other tips I thought were excellent; but haven’t had a chance to apply to my own space yet; maybe some of you might:

  • Attaching the bedside lamps directly to the wall. This will clear your bedside table and make the space look less cluttered.
  • Down-scaling your queen size bed with a double. Apparently you don’t even notice the difference in size when sleeping, but the room looks much bigger. I will definitely be trying this in the future!
  • Putting in roof to floor length curtains in front of the windows . This creates the illusion of height, making the room feel bigger.
  • Putting a taller headboard with vertical lines behind your bed. This will again make the roof feel higher; making the room appear even bigger.
  • And if you really want the feeling of space think about installing a Murphy bed. I am seriously considering this. Murphy beds have undergone a serious overhaul. They aren’t dingy little spring mattresses that will fold back up into the wall like in older movies anymore. They now come in a variety of styles and some even come with some bonus storing options – always good in a small space.

I think it is important not to forget the impact of making your space comfy. With our crazy, busy lives it is important to have a space to unwind and just be. For us this is our bedroom; makes sense doesn’t it; after all you spend most of your night here (albeit sleeping) and if it was impossible to relax, that would directly affect your sleep.

If you have some creative ways you used to maximize the space in your room, please share!

2 thoughts on “Small Bedroom? Make the most of it.”

  1. Hanging a couple of small rings fro the ceiling.
    Get some sheer voile material type curtains with tag tops (the ones that thread onto poles).
    Use cheap wooden broom handles as your curtain poles. Once curtains are threaded onto poles, hang the poles by slotting the each end through the ceiling rings to make the bed canopy
    So effective….and a much cheaper way of creating a bed canopy.

    This can also be done to create a four poster effect too.

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