Halloween movie night ideas for the kids.

Kid- friendly scary movie night ideas for Halloween

So tonight is Halloween!

Bring on the costumes, spooky décor and delicious treats! My daughter will be trick-or-treating for a while tonight. After that we will hunker down with a great movie, perfectly suited to the Halloween spookiness (but age appropriate of course).

So here is my list of Halloween favorites to watch with the kids:

My kids are below the age of seven (6 and 1 respectively), so there is a lot of animated movies. But I am a great lover of animation – so bring on Disney and Pixar!

  • Nightmare before Christmas: One of my absolute favorites. My daughter and I know it so well that we sign along to every song. We don’t care if it’s a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. We enjoy it any day!
  • Corpse Bride: Another great Tim Burton hit, perfect for Halloween. Spooky artistic style complete with the dead makes for a great Halloween treat.
  • Frankenweenie: Another Tim Burton (guess who’s a fan) masterpiece. When I watched this with my daughter the first time (she was 4) she got scared very quickly so this might be more suited to older kids.
  • Monster House: Relatively unknown, but quite scary. The story is actually quite terrifying, but wrapped in animation.
  • Casper: An old classic, no childhood is complete without an introduction to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • Adams Family and Adams Family Values: Both classics and both big favorites of mine. The Adams Family theme song is my ringtone whenever I get a call or message from my family. These movies are also better suited for older kids, my daughter only started enjoying them with me when she was 5.
  • When Good Ghouls go Bad: Great for Halloween as it happened on Halloween.

So there is my list of great Halloween Movies to watch with your kids.

Make some popcorn, grab some blankets and snuggle up. Get ready for some family chills.

Happy Halloween everyone! Do you have any movies that would be perfect to enjoy with your kids on Halloween? Comment below and let us know.

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