Guest Post Guidelines

Would you like to write for The Glorious Chaos?

Please read through our Guest Post Guidelines to find out how.

The Glorious Chaos is a lifestyle blog focusing on sharing experiences in DIY, Parenting, Marriage and the home with its readers. We strive to form a personal connection, and this has to reflect in all articles, even if the articles are regarding products or facts and not just experiences. Our readers are parents, wives and home-keepers and as such the content on The Glorious Chaos has to appeal to this audience.

  1. Who can write for us?

Anyone is welcome to write for us, but please make sure that the article submitted are well researched or based on own experience and if the article is based on own experience make sure to let the readers know.

Preferred writers:

  • Parents
  • Existing Blog owners
  • Industry experts (paediatricians, home designers, etc)

At this stage we do not pay for any articles used on the site, but will allow you to mention your own blog/website and link back to your blog (if your blog fulfils the Citing Criteria mentioned below)

  1. Types of content accepted

The Glorious Chaos post new articles twice a week. We make use of useful, entertaining and engaging posts in the following forms:

  • How-to post
  • Ultimate guide posts
  • Problem/Solution posts
  • Checklist posts
  • Story Posts
  • Question/Answer Posts
  • Challenge Posts
  • Occasional Review Posts

All content must be 100% original, we will not publish re-posts. We will accept pitches, or complete articles – no drafts. Please read our post guidelines for more information on the post we are looking for.

  1. Post Guidelines

Please follow the below post guidelines carefully, post that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.

Post length: Submitted posts should be between 400 – 1000 words.

Image requirements: 1 image per post can be submitted, no more though. Images should be cited appropriately to avoid plagiarism (which will not be tolerated)

Citing sources: All research must be cited. If the information was gathered from other websites, those websites must be mentioned and cited with a working link.

Guidelines on links: All links in articles submitted will be no-follow. Anchor text is allowed, as long as the information is relevant to the article. Only cites relevant and in support of the article may be linked to – any cites that are not relevant will be removed.

Metadata mark-up: All headers and links should be imbedded in the articles submitted.

  1. Submission guidelines

Accepted formats: All submissions must be made in Word (.doc) format.

Point of submission: All submissions must be sent via email to: Please add the following tag to the subject line of your submission: “From where yellow flowers bloom”. This is to ensure you read all of our guidelines.

By-line/headshot information: Please add a short by-line where you can link to your blog and other social media platforms. Be aware however that all links not relevant to your blog or social media will be removed.

Important editing information: Please be aware that The Glorious Chaos reserves the right to edit and amend any submissions made, and that once submitted the article becomes the property of Glorious Chaos.

  1. What comes next?

Average review time: It will take up to 1 week (7 days) to review and edit all accepted articles.

How they’ll be notified: If your article is accepted, you will be notified via email. You will also receive the publish date for your accepted post in the email.

What happens if refused: If you haven’t heard from us within 10 days of your submission, please consider this submission unsuccessful.