5 Ideas for a baby’s first birthday party.

My baby boy is turning 1 on Wednesday – I still can’t believe the time went by so fast!! So now I am busy planning his first birthday party to be held over the weekend. It will be a nice, quiet, family affair with with his grandma’s and grandpa’s, aunties and uncles being invited.

I have been looking for some first birthday inspiration to make this special event as memorable as possible – but also as cost effective as possible. I have been overwhelmed with all the wonderful ideas out their I am almost wishing I had more babies just so that I can use all of the idea – ALMOST (but not quite – 2 is plenty thank you). I’ll have to save some of the ideas for nieces and nephews.

I fancy myself as somewhat of a baker (at least I enjoy baking, ha ha) so there will definitely be cake! For Zoey (my eldest daughter) the theme was fairy princess and her cake was decorated with very cute little insects and flowers. With Dean however I am thinking of going with an owl theme, and green color scheme – oh the possibilities!!

It will be a lovely lunch time party, with snacks being served throughout. The snacks I’m most looking forward to making are: owl biscuits, the adults birthday cake – chocolate cake with caramel filling and a cream icing, and then his own small smash cake – also chocolate with green icing and if my skills allow an owl.

(Update: While shopping for cake ingredients, I found a box of Rainbow cake mix!! Perfect for a first birthday party!! So now it will be Rainbow cake with white icing. Hee hee – it will give the illusion of a plain-old, nothing-special cake until you cut it!)

With Zoey we did not have a smash cake that was all her own… big mistake as the first thing she did when we brought the cake to her was stuff her face into it. Needless to say all the guests got a bit of squished cake. So I really love this idea of having a separate smash cake for him, which he can destroy to his hearts content. This will make such a great part of his first birthday celebration!

The cookies will be round sugar cookies, decorated with green owls in royal icing. Wish me luck with all the piping, ha ha; but jokes aside they should be a lovely treat and not to difficult to make. Also Zoey can join in with making them – which she would really love!

These are 5 other little DIY projects I want to incorporate to make this birthday a really great memory for us (mostly for myself -ha ha). They should be simple enough to do, and will make a nice difference to any birthday party:

  • Slideshow of babies first year:

    I will be creating a lovely slideshow of Dean’s first year, that will be playing on the television for the entire party. The nice thing of making your own slideshow is you can keep it specific to your theme and personalized.

  • Chalkboard of babies firsts:

    I loved this idea when I saw it, but I don’t have a chalk board and don’t want to purchase one just for this party. So how can I incorporate this into my party?? I will be making these in the form of cards, which I will use as part of the decor – hanging them from the ‘washing line’ with the owls, placing a few on all the tables so that the guests can pick them up and read them as they wish and take home with them if they want. Decor and party gift in one!

  • Confetti filled balloons:

    I love this idea with colorful confetti in a larger round size, put into white balloons. They look so great! And popping them produce a great surprise.

  • Colorful Balloon Bouquets:

    No party (especially a kids party!) is complete with some colorful balloons! I want to make a few balloon bouquets to stand around and give the space a party, festive feel. I found some great instructions on eHow here that show how to make balloon bouquets WITHOUT helium. I’ll be making mine using store bought 30cm cocktail sticks, so they will be perfect tabletop displays.

  • Owl Washing Line:

    In keeping with the theme I will be adding a few ‘washing lines’ made out of regular string/twine. and glued onto these will be nice big pictures of cute cartoon owls.

So, that will make up my sons first birthday party! I am so looking forward to it, the celebration aspect thereof at least – to be honest I would be over the moon if he would just stay this age forever. Ha ha, mommy’s little boy.

What did you do for your baby’s first birthday? Share your ideas and experiences in a comment below!


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