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I created this blog for all the parents in the world who love their families and kids so much and really cannot spend enough time with them; even though most of the time it is chaos that rules the house and not us parents.

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My Life

I am (like all happy wives) very blessed with a wonderful husband who loves me and our two children unconditionally. I also have the most precious gift; our two beautiful and healthy kids. Our firstborn is Zoey, our 6-year old Warrior princess – because she loves all thing princess, but also plays rough enough to rival any boy. Then there is our happy little ten month old boy; Dean; who is crawling, playing, laughing and growing much too fast for any mothers liking!

We live in beautiful South Africa, close to Cape Town. We truly adore our country, and it hasa definite effect on our family – as our dream is to own a game farm and lodge where we are surround by the abundant wildlife in SA. This dream directly affects our kids; as Zoey already wants to be just like her daddy and work with big and small animals – haha, the wild warrior side poking through again.

Even though my husband and I both work full time and long hours (yikes!); we are still a very close-knit and tight family. Nothing is more important to us than enjoying every possible moment together. However it is very difficult (as all parents know) to achieve balance between your family and home. Sometimes you have to do less in one area in order to be more active in another.

Through this blog, I will discuss and share some of my own experiences in the advance juggling process that comes with keeping a family; and home; together in (mostly) harmony. And whenever it is impossible to let harmony prevail, I will share some of our funny stories; because sometimes you just have to accept things, and laugh.

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